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Many clients worry about whether or not what they share in therapy is confidential.  With me your privacy is assured.  I hold all information in strict confidence.  It is my personal belief that a client’s privacy must be protected in order for therapy to be effective.  In addition, the ethical codes I am bound by as an MFT require it. 

The only exceptions involve situations where someone’s safety is seriously endangered.  In such a situation, the law mandates that I contact the proper authorities.  In addition, an insurance company or Employee Assistance Program (EAP) may require me as a therapist to provide a mental health diagnoses, treatment plans and other information about the insured client.  Because of this, some clients choose not to use their insurance or EAP to pay for therapy.  It is also possible that in a rare instance, a court may order me to turn over my notes.  But even with a court order, it is not automatic and would depend upon the situation.

The concept of confidentiality is central to therapy because a client needs to feel comfortable sharing personal and intimate information.  I take this concept very seriously and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about it. 

Please also refer to the page on my privacy policy.

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